We provide 20 courses and materials. Please check the face to face course schedule.

F1. US Taxes Overview

The history of US tax. The type of US tax. The solution of tax saving.

F2. Maximizing Social Security in Retirement

F3. College Funding and Financial Aid

F4. Introduction of Life Insurance

Concept of insurance. Types of insurance. Insurance history. Insurance providers. Insurance riders. Why insurance. Financial foundation. Sample analysis.

F5. Long Term Care Protection

The importance of long term care. The cost of long term care. The investment for long term care.

F6. Investment for Peaceful Retirement Life

Current retirement situation and cost. The resource of retirement income. The investment solution for retirement.

F7. Family Comprehensive Investment Strategy

Base financial concepts. The healthy family financial structure. The family investment strategy.

F8. Market Risk

Market number analysis. Market risk control and management. Professional tactical management.

B2. Prospecting

B3. Contact, Invitation and Set Appointment

B4. Recruiting

B5. Finance 101

B7. Start up, Promotion and Compensation

B8. Duplicate, Exchange Principle

B9. Handing Objection

B10. Mental Toughness